Daniel Sabec is a rising "Brazilian Costumes designer", he's an American with a Brazilian heart, passionated about the Brazilian culture he travels to Brazil often to be part of the Carnival and connect with Rios best Samba Schools, extremely talented in Arts, Crafting , he began to design his costumes several years ago and became an official costume designer for Samba 1 Brazilian dance group in Chicago. After all these years creating Carnival costumes he has finally opened his Atelier willing to put the best of his work for sale, note: each costume is an unique creation , crafted with beads, jewelery, Crystals, stones and feathers, all built in solid wire frames bringing the Luxury, beauty and fine art of the Authentic Brazilian Carnival in each design making one of a kind.

Dan Sabec

These are the New Creations from Daniel Sabec, if you are interested in making an order, just pick your favorite costume, prices are available by resquest only. These costumes are made of solid wire brazilian frames. all costumes are Brand New and have never been used, each costume is unique and authentic inspired by Rio's Carnival, labored and crafted with brazilian jewels,crystals, stones, beads and feathers.



EMail: carnivalcostumes at edilsonlima dot com


Specific colors- Designs available upon request.